4 x 5 litres Pipeline Clear – classic original alkaline beer line cleaner with bactericides for long lasting effect. Safe to use on all types of line materials, pipes, meters, pumps, beer engines, taps and fittings if used in the prescribed manner. Rinse with clean cold water. Use diluted Pipeline Clear solution to clean optical spirit measures. Do not use on lacquered items.

1 x Cellarmate Keg Connector Brush – a unique brush specifically designed to clean all types of keg connectors. An essential weapon in the armoury of technicians and licensees in the battle for complete dispense system hygiene.

1 x 750 ml Tap & Keg Sanitiser – suitable for use on all Dispense System Taps, Nozzles and Connectors giving longer lasting protection. This formulation successfully passed EU Standards EN 1276 and EN 13697 against bacteria. It also meets the criteria for EN 1650 (40?c) against Fungi.

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