At Chemisphere UK, we specialise in providing the hospitality industry with premium detergents and accessories for ware-washing, beverage dispense system sterilization and kitchen hygiene.

Our extensive range combines our established and trusted products with powerful new-generation cleaners manufactured from environmentally friendly ingredients.

Established since 1986 we have built a reputation for manufacturing innovative and high quality cleaning products and our prominence has continued to grow due to our unrivalled technical expertise and exceptional customer service.

Pipeline Beer Cleaner

Pipeline was the very first purple indicated beer line cleaner – anywhere.

Our founder’s favourite colour, purple was introduced for safety. Before Purple Pipeline was invented, all beer line cleaners were clear. Clear and caustic; a recipe for accidents – which did happen, and sometimes with tragic results.

Pipeline beer line cleaner issued in a new standard of safety. With its unique method of use, new guaranteed standards of beverage dispense system hygiene.

Warewashing detergents

There is no better way to preserve the condition of beer from the cask or keg or presenting succulent faire than with clean and sterile glasses and plates and cutlery.

Our current portfolio combines our established and trusted products with powerful new-generation formula to ensure this happens.

Our extensive range of high quality, advanced formulation, commercial glass and dishwashing detergents, and rinse additives are available in original and extra strength formulations.

Beverage dispense cleansing

At Chemisphere UK we pride ourselves on exceptional expertise in beverage dispense system hygiene.

Originally conceived in 1976, PIPELINE has developed into a brand that sits amongst a family of world-class, market leading line-cleaning chemicals.

The chemistry of the PIPELINE products is uncompromising and totally effective in the removal of yeast deposits, bio-film and, bacterial and protein growth.

Descaling, degreasing and sterilising products

The Renovate Range consists of both powder and liquid formulations and has become synonymous with descaling, degreasing, sterilising and renovating glassware and commercial ware-washing equipment.

Biological cleaning and cleaning in place (CIP)

With our new Bio Range and CIP Range of products, we are advancing our expertise in these fields and developing new and innovative products.

Chemisphere UK are experts in hospitality hygiene requirements.