Environmental Policy Statement

We will aim to comply with all UK legislation on environmental issues. Careful consideration will be given to the treatment and disposal of waste and wherever possible, we will seek to promote economical recovery.

Where possible, the recycling of all raw materials will be the preferred option. 

We will evaluate our environmental impact and will endeavour to improve our performance year on year. 

We will consider: 

  • Emissions to air
  • Discharges to water
  • Waste management
  • Contamination of land
  • Packaging
  • Energy usage
  • Fuel usage
  • Emergency response plans

Where it is necessary to obtain relevant information from manufacturers, we will take all responsible steps to procure the environmental policy of the company who manufactures the products in question. This will be forwarded to the stakeholders who have to know this information.

We have a commitment to conserve the environment and work towards continuous improvement for all its activities. We will consider the environmental impact of all new developments.