4 x 5 litres Pipeline 14 – concentrated purple beer line cleaner for quick and efficient application and long-lasting effect. Designed to be employed every two weeks, after the beverage dispense system has been thoroughly treated with Pipeline Bottoming Out Kit, delivering significant savings on time, ullage and water.

1 x Cellarmate Keg Connector Brush – a unique brush specifically designed to clean all types of keg connectors. An essential weapon in the armoury of technicians and licensees in the battle for complete dispense system hygiene.

1 x Sanitising Tablets – for sparkling sparklers, super spouts and generally good hygiene practice. Add one Sanitising Tablet to one pint of cold water each evening for daily sanitisation of sparklers, post-mix and nitro-keg spouts. Contents: 100 x 0.35g tablets.

1 x Sparkler Pot Cover – great for overnight soaking in Renovate Sanitizing Tablets solution.

1 x 750 ml Tap & Keg Sanitiser – Tap & Keg Sanitiser is Suitable for use on all dispense system taps, nozzles and connectors giving long-lasting protection. The powerful food-safe RBT Viridis technology has been independently tested to be effective against bacteria and yeast. No need to rinse. Continues working for up to 24 hours even when dry.

This formulation successfully passed EU Standards EN 1276 and EN 13697 against bacteria. It also meets the criteria for EN 1650 (40?c) against Fungi.

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