This mixed box contains the following:

3 x 5 litre Crystal Original – High quality, advanced formulation, alkaline cabinet glasswashing detergent for economical manual dosing via a Pelican Dispenser or timed and pulsed automatic dosing. Machine-friendly, economical, effective and bactericidal.

1 x 5 litre Finesse Original or 1 x 5 litre Liquid Renovate – Versatile and economical mildly acidic rinse additive to complement the pre-rinsing action of Crystal Original and Monarch Original. Suitable for all water conditions and warewashing processes.

Liquid Renovate – Concentrated blend of surfactants, sequestrants and chelating agents designed to “bottom-out” underperforming cabinet glasswashing systems and to provide a powerful weekly drinking glass renovation medium.

Plus Eliminate Range (Eliminator Brush and 1 litre of Eliminate liquid) – Eliminate is designed specifically for use with The Eliminator Brush for the pre-wash removal of grease and lipstick on all typs of glassware. Supplied with a special cost-effective dose control cap which enables you to dispense the precise dose every time. The Eliminator bowl and brushes are designed to be washable in your dishwasher to sterilise and remove any bacteria and biofilm.

Mixed box option with Rinse Aid 
Mixed box option with Liquid Renovate 

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