Lipstick remover.

Eliminate is designed specifically for use with The Eliminator Brush for the pre-wash removal of grease and lipstick on all types of glassware.

Supplied with a special cost-effective dose control cap which enables you to dispense the precise dose every time.

The Eliminator bowl and brushes are designed to be washable in your dishwasher to sterilise and remove any bacteria and biofilm.

Eliminate 1 Litre (minimum order 4)
Eliminate 2.5 Litres (minimum order 2)
Eliminate 5 Litres (minimum order 2
Eliminator brush only
Eliminator brush (tall)
Eliminate Starter Pack One – Introductory Offer (1 x Eliminator brush & 1 x 1 litre Eliminator)
Eliminate Starter Pack Two – Introductory Offer (1 x Eliminator brush & 2 x 1 litre Eliminator
Eliminate Sp1 Introductory Offer

Eliminate H&S Data sheet

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