Concentrated powder version of our classic original alkaline beer line cleaner with built-in solution status indicator.

Pipeline One-Shot Beer Line Cleaning Powder is ideal for a weekly or a two-weekly cleaning regime. One sachet per 50 litres of water gives the perfect dilution every time and will produce spectacular results in well-maintained lines.

For severely soiled lines, use two sachets per 50 litres. Readily soluble for quick and efficient application. Changes colour when the line is dirty so you can be absolutely sure of a hygienically clean finish with long-lasting effect. Safe to use on all types of line materials, pipes, meters, pumps, beer engines, taps and fittings if used in the prescribed manner.

Contains no caustic soda.

Reduces your carbon footprint by minimising packaging materials and shipping volumes.

Supplied in boxes of 15 sachets (each sachet = 200g)

Minimum order = 1 box of 15 sachets

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